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The art of Paul Jacques Morgan

Fields of Purple Forever

Every time this year (late winter/early Spring) I look forward to visiting the Tulip farms near Molalla, OR.  It's a Dutch style festival, wooden clogs and all.  Below is a 16' x 20' original oil painting on canvas that I painted using photos that I took on site for reference.  I had purchased a new impasto medium that acts as a thickening agent to the paints, and quickens drying time.  

I was going for the impressionism style of landscape.  I imagined being Van Gogh, and just went for it.  Most of the brush strokes stuck the landing and I was pleased with the result.  The key to painting like this is not to mix brush strokes on the canvas.  Just let each stroke sit there, and move onto other real estate on the canvas.


Speaking of the Dutch, my wife was away in the Netherlands for a week for work and brought back some terrific cheeses and other Dutch swag.  It looks great in our kitchen this morning.




Paul Jacques Morgan